coolinf fan for room

Many people use fans simply to stay cool during the warmer months of the year, but fans have much bigger roles than that. The best cooling fans for rooms will not only keep you cool but will also promote air circulation thus maintain a fresh breeze within the room and keeping humidity levels in check. So which are the different types of cooling fans available in the market? Do they have different benefits ?

Types of Cooling Fans

Table Fans
These are small, compact and easy to transport. Just as the name suggests, they sit on the desk or table and are designed to cool small confined spaces.

Ceiling Fans
These types of fans hang freely from the ceiling and are designed to provide whole-room cooling. You can find ceiling fans in a wide variety of designs and styles, and they can be selected to match the interior décor of your home or office as well as your furnishings.

Pedestal Fans
Pedestal fans come perched on a pedestal or a vertical stand which rests on the floor. They are considerably larger than table fans and so by design, they are meant to cool slightly larger spaces. Most pedestal fans come with an adjustable height, and for optimum air circulation, they often have oscillating heads.

Tower Fans
Almost similar to pedestal fans, tower fans sit directly on the floor and come in a tall and narrow design. They are a compact, space-saving option but they are also the most powerful types of fans you will find in the market, and also among the quietest. Regarding the safety of use, these fans are preferred to top-heavy pedestal fans because they are less likely to tip over.

Window Fans
These fans mount on the window, and this can come in handy in reserving much-needed floor and table space. They work by introducing fresh air into the room and drawing stale air to the outside. Window fans are the best cooling fans for rooms without any draft or prevailing winds, so simply opening a window might not suffice in providing adequate ventilation.

Wall Mount Fans
These would be the best cooling fans for rooms with limited floor space such as workshops, garages, factories, etc. Wall mount fans result in powerful air circulation, but without the installation hassles of a ceiling fan or the high price tag of a tower fan.

Box Fans
Almost similar in design to the window fan, box fans are conveniently versatile. They can be placed on the floor to offer foot-level cooling, or they can be placed in an open window to function almost like an AC. This versatile nature allows the box fans to be suitable for cooling most homes including hoes where mounting a fan to a ceiling or wall isn’t feasible.

Misting Fans
While most of the fans previously mentioned on this list are only suitable for indoor use, misting fans are ideal for outdoor use like when you are hosting a barbeque for instance. These fans wok by creating a fine mist which creates a chilling breeze when it evaporates. Misting fans are surprisingly energy efficient, and they are also pretty easy to assemble.

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