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Summer Camp at Home week 3: Create!

Summer Camp at Home week 3: Create!
Summer Camp at Home week 3: Create! A week of ideas for creating and building.

Summer Camp at Home week 3: Create! A week of ideas for creating and building.

How is Summer Camp at Home going for your family? For us, we are having a great time. The first two weeks of summer have been a bit chaotic, a bit lazy, but definitely fun. We haven’t stayed super close to our daily routine because we have let other play opportunities and outings into our day — but we still like rotating activities in blocks of time to help us keep from getting bored and give my kids some structure.

My boys are looking forward to next week (week 3), when the focus is on MAKING STUFF! At least, that’s what they call it. They might draw a picture, build a Lego tower or create a monster out of clay — it’s all MAKING STUFF. No matter what your kids like to make, get a lot of that going next week! This is the week to pull out all the stops on your favorite crafts or building projects. Even scrapbooking or sewing. If your kids make it — that’s legitimate.

Here are some ideas for making the third week of summer a fun and creative time for your family.

Field Trips

We are getting a jump on next week by visiting a children’s museum today. There is another children’s museum that focuses on art that we will try to go to as well, next week. I can think of three other art museums in our area that we could potentially visit, but I don’t think we will have the time to. If there are art museums near you, check them out! Many have programs just for children.

Language Skills

We are still reading books and enjoying library visits. I give my kids a couple of work sheets to do every day. (Well, almost every day.) My 6-year-old actually read me a whole book this week!

Play and Learn

Make a sandcastle

Make a sandcastle

If your kids still like to pretend, let them draw your portrait while you are strolling the streets of Paris. Or pretend they have to get a construction project done in time for a grand opening. Build a sand castle– let older kids invite their friends and have a friendly competition to see whose is best! Paper airplane building, Lego creations — anything is game and requires imagination and creativity.

Crafting and Art

I mentioned we are getting a jump on next week by visiting a children’s museum, and we are also starting early with MAKING STUFF. We signed up for the Lowe’s Build & Grow program for tomorrow morning. This is a free program for kids — just sign up. The project this coming weekend is to make a Monsters University treasure box. Fun! (Home Depot offers a free Kids Workshop the first Saturday morning of every month.)

We will spend a block of time each day making something. I could link up all kinds of crafts and projects, but really, isn’t that what Pinterest is for? Find projects that interest your kids and are age-appropriate.

One thing I’d like to do with my kids this week is to make bottlecap necklaces and magnets. I have been saving bottlecaps for a while now, so we have to use the stash. If you want to make some too, look here for inspiration.

I think it also would be great to get a real canvas from the craft-supply store and let the kids create a masterpiece!


Get creative with cooking and baking

Get creative with cooking and baking

Science and art together — definitely. I’m going to show this list of science and science-related projects to my kids to see which they would like to try. These ideas for little engineersmay come in handy too, if we need more inspiration.

Pinned It

The great summertime pin for this week is the Ultimate Summer Bucket List. There are 100 ideas here!

I would love to hear what’s on your summer bucket list.

Make it a great week!


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