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Giving Tuesday: Easy ways to give back

Giving Tuesday: Easy ways to give back
Giving Tuesday

Make Giving Tuesday as much a part of our holiday season as Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Today is Black Friday, and holiday shopping sales will continue through the weekend and into Cyber Monday. And the next day? It’s time for Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday puts giving back into the giving season so we can all improve our local or global communities and make the holiday season one of truly giving back. The organizations that have partnered together want to make Giving Tuesday as commonplace in our society as Black Friday and Cyber Monday — and that’s so doable! Rather than focusing on consuming, we can focus on giving. Here are some ideas:

– My family and a lot of people I know make it a point to give back during the holiday season. In the past, we have donated toys for the Toys for Tots program, purchased gifts for local kids through the Salvation Army Angel Tree program and donated food, toys and clothing through local churches.

– It’s easy to give back with ideas at the Giving Tuesday site. You can find corporate partners that are offering ways to donate (like at JCP, where you can round up the amount of your purchase and the difference goes to the Salvation Army).

– The Giving Tuesday site also has a great list of ways individuals can give back, like having a bake sale or yard sale and donating the proceeds to a local charity.

– At, you can search for a variety of projects or charities that interest you and give easily through the site. From providing needy students with classroom materials to helping people affected by Hurricane Sandy, you can give to causes you like. You can even search by zip code.

– Find ideas for giving on Pinterest (I set up a Giving Back Pinterest board). Giving Tuesday has a board, and you can search for others, too.

– People can even donate their time instead of money. Volunteering rocks!

If you love the idea of Giving Tuesday, you can like the Giving Tuesday Facebook page or tweet about your ideas for giving back with the hashtag #GivingTuesday.

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