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South Florida Nature Activity Guide to Fall

South Florida Nature Activity Guide to Fall

South Florida Nature Activity Guide to fall

Our family loves spending time outdoors. We like camping and hiking, and we enjoy just playing in our yard too. It’s important to us to make sure the kids “catch” a love of nature so they will grow up respecting and taking care of the Earth.

Also, spending time in nature is just good for you.

It’s why I am part of the National Wildlife Federation’s Be Out There endeavor, and why I appreciate what the Children & Nature Network is doing. If you’re interested, visit both sites to learn more about how most kids today aren’t getting enough time outdoors — and how that’s negatively affecting this generation. Both sites have excellent information for how to take steps to make it a priority to spend more time outdoors.

Many of the fall-themed outdoors activities you can find online didn’t seem to fit with the climate where we live in southern Florida, so I decided to write my own guide to nature in the fall. It contains links, tips, lists and fun activities that you can do outdoors in South Florida.

For example, here is a simple bat craft in the free guide:

Make a bat craft

A bat craft is one of the fun things you'll find in the South Florida Nature Activity Guide

I hope you will download this free eight-page guide, below, to nature activities in South Florida and please please please spread the word! Share and like this online, and print out the guide and pass it around to friends and neighbors.


Download the free South Florida Nature Activity Guide to fall

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