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Help your child learn to learn with Building Blocks of Learning — Giveaway

Help your child learn to learn with Building Blocks of Learning — Giveaway
Building Blocks of Learning includes several activities that help children cognitively

Building Blocks of Learning includes several activities that help children cognitively

Education is important to me, and it’s essential for me as a mom to make sure my kids do their best, sharpen their minds and develop a lifelong love of learning. That’s why I tried to make our summer so fun and educational with our Summer Camp at Home.

Recently, I found out about Learning Link Technologies and their Building Blocks of Learning Program. They¬† have designed a course for students to do at home to help them develop skills they need to learn, such as cognitive, auditory and visual. The program is developed to especially help elementary school students with ADHD and learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, discalculia) and special education, but it can help mainstream students too. It’s a non-academic program of exercises based on educational kinesiology.

Stay with me! Don’t let the big words turn you off. Heh.

The basic idea is that people who have trouble learning just need help building neural pathways in the brain. The basics of what our minds do, such as memory, motor skills, visual processing, auditory processing, etc. have been shown in research studies to strengthen with educational kinesiology activities.

Improve learning

Improve learning with at-home activities

Repeating the visual, cognitive and motor skill activities on a regular basis means they become automatic for the student so s/he can focus on learning the material at school. (I imagine this would be excellent for homeschoolers as well!)

My oldest son just started kindergarten and is so far doing well. But as I’ve mentioned here, he has a fine motor skill delay, for which he has been in occupational therapy. I don’t want him to struggle to learn how to read or feel he can’t keep up with the rest of the class. I plan to do the Building Blocks of Learning program with him and post our progress here on a regular basis.

Building Blocks of Learning is an online video course that shows how to do simple exercises with a child. (The activities aren’t on a computer.) There are 12 sequential sections, each one taking about three hours per week for four to six weeks — whatever your child’s pace is.

The activities are even fun:

Shaving cream exercise

Building Blocks of Learning activities are fun for kids, like this shaving cream exercise

(My son was supposed to use only one hand in this activity, but both hands ended up jumping in the first time we did it.)

Learning Link Technologies says after completing all 12 sections, students will most likely excel at school even if they were multiple grade levels behind at the start. The company also said they have seen children who were way behind in school and were told they’d never succeed end up becoming honor-roll students.

(Really, why would anyone say that to a child?!)

I’m excited about helping my son develop the brain/body connection and help him learn how to learn.

Learning Link Technologies has offered me the chance to give away a membership to the course, which is valued at $600. If you think your child could benefit from the Building Blocks of Learning Program, please leave a comment below about how you’d like to help your child learn. I’ll randomly choose a winner next Monday, Oct. 1.


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Learning Link Technologies is offering a free membership for this giveaway and provided me a membership as well so I can review it and post about my son’s progress. Opinions and silliness are my own.

  1. My daughter has been home with her father for so long, without much chance to practice skills and learn. I’d love to get this member ship to help her build those skills and get to where she should be!

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