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Hallmark has special items to make back-to-school more fun

Hallmark has special items to make back-to-school more fun

Hallmark has fun back-to-school cards for your special student

So you know we had a fantastic summer with our Summer Camp at Home, where I planned out a week of fun learning activities for 10 weeks. We were pretty easygoing with our schedule/routine, and I love being able to flexible about what we’re doing one moment to the next.

But I also like getting back into a schedule with back-to-school time. It’s predictable; it’s something I can count on; the kids always know what to expect; if anyone puts up a fuss, we can always say, “That’s what we do on Tuesday afternoons.”

It hasn’t been an easy adjustment to make for either of my boys. (My three-year-old is going to preschool for the first time, and my older boy has just started kindergarten with its six-hour days.) I mean, they are making the adjustment — it’s just been a bit of a bumpy one.

I think it helps if I can surprise them with little notes in their lunch bags or have a fun activity planned for after school. So I love what Hallmark has some really cute cards and gifts that are just perfect for this!

Just this morning, my preschooler was talking about ladybugs, so he will be so excited when he gets home and I surprise him with a Hallmark Bug ‘Em.

A Hallmark Bug 'Em can hold treats, cards and small gifts for a nice surprise (like this homemade dairy-free chocolate sea star lollipop sitting on our tricycle!)

The Bug ‘Em is a plush toy whose back unzips for you to add your own items. Plus, its six legs are bendable and can wrap around a small gift. It’s only $9.95 and will probably become part of your student’s collection of plush toys. Bug ‘Em comes as a bee if you like that instead of a ladybug.

(Gee, I’d love to receive either Bug ‘Em holding the new iPhone … just saying….)

Hallmark’s pack of 50 Lunch Notes for Kids give you a quick, easy way to remind them you are thinking about them, even if they are surrounded by noisy sandwich-chomping classmates.

50 lunch notes to start the school year off in a positive way

Some notes have lines for you to write in what you want to say, and some notes have checkboxes that are fun. The Lunch Notes for Kids are probably best for children who can read — although the illustrations are pretty cute too! The package sells for $6.95.

This pack of notes should take you almost to Thanksgiving break!

Hallmark has great greeting cards for kids at all grade levels, including a whole line of Justin Bieber cards for your Belieber.

Getting into a new schedule can be rough, and some school days seem to drag on, so a sweet note or gift now and then sure can help students ease into the school year.

What ways do you help your kids when it’s time to go back to school?

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Hallmark provided free items for review. Opinions and silliness are my own.

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