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GoGo squeeZ Clean Games Instagram contest: Healthy and fun

GoGo squeeZ Clean Games Instagram contest: Healthy and fun
GoGo squeeZ Clean Games in South Florida

Find a GoGo squeeZ Clean Game at a park

Get to a park, quick! If you and your kids find a GoGo squeeZ Clean Game on the pavement at the park, take a picture of the fun with Instagram and tag @gogosqueez. The first 250 people who do will receive a three-month subscription to Speakaboos digital books, and out of those, 15 winners will also be picked to receive a month’s supply of GoGo squeeZ!

GoGo squeeZ applesauce pouch snack

OK, I just love this. First of all, the idea of a natural fruit snack (applesauce) in a non-messy pouch is perfect for school lunches, so my family already likes GoGo squeeZ. They even have organic varieties. Then GoGo squeeZ has pressure cleaned a design (like hopscotch) onto the pavement in parks to further promote kids being healthy. You know how I love it when kids are playing outside! To make it even better, GoGo squeeZ has added the fun of social media picture taking with Instagram and is giving away educational digital books.

I don’t normally write about contests, but this one just has win-win-win-win written all over it. Healthy stuff, fun stuff and educational stuff.

If you want to take your kids to play and maybe score some digital books or free GoGo squeeZ, a little birdie told me you can look in larger parks around the following areas in South Florida:

South Miami
Coral Gables
Coconut Grove
Fort Lauderdale

GoGo squeeZ Clean Games in South Florida parks

Find a Clean Game at a local park

Other metropolitan areas in Florida also experienced the Clean Games.

And later if you want to find nature in your neighborhood, check out the National Wildlife Federation’s Nature Find tool.

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