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Hallmark Card Showers are fun and appreciated

Hallmark Card Showers are fun and appreciated

Organize a Hallmark Card Shower and surprise someone with good wishes in their mailbox

Recently, I had the chance to help make someone happy. I organized a Hallmark Card Shower for a friend who for the past two years volunteered to be president of a local nonprofit group I belong to. Several of us in the group secretly signed up on the Hallmark Card Shower site to mail a card to our friend to thank her for her service as the group welcomes a new president.

My friend told me it was so nice to get a card one day, and then the next day another card came and she thought “something was up.” But she never expected to receive one or two cards in the mail every day for more than a week!

Your Hallmark Card Shower recipient will appreciate getting showered with cards!

It was easy to set up the card shower. The Hallmark site walks you through the steps of organizing a card shower for someone — for any occasion. You set up the shower with the recipient’s name and address, the beginning and end date of the shower and the e-mail addresses of the people you want to invite to send a card. You can write a note explaining what the card shower should be about. Then Hallmark sends out an e-mail to all the invitees. If you organize a card shower, you can get notified when someone signs up to mail a card. It’s so easy to organize.

If you want to set up your own card shower, Hallmark would like to give you a $25 gift card to buy cards for someone special. To enter, please leave a comment below mentioning a time someone did something nice for you. I’ll randomly select a winner next Monday, July 23. Good luck!

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Hallmark provided a gift card to try out its Card Shower service and is providing a gift card to a random winner. Opinions are my own.

  1. Jessica Stiesi says:

    It was so amazing! I have such wonderful women/friends in my life. Thank you Holly!!!! :)

  2. Nice post, thanks. Make sure your readers remember that it is UK Mothers Day on 30th March 2014.

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