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Summer Camp at Home 2012: 10 weeks of activities for kids

Summer Camp at Home 2012: 10 weeks of activities for kids

Summer Camp at Home: 10 Weeks of Activities for Kids

Hi! If you’re visiting my site for the first time, thanks for visiting.

I hope you get lots of ideas for doing summer camp at home, or for homeschooling. Please be sure to follow the links below for each of the 10 weeks of ideas. You might also like to check out our lists of summer camp ideas from other summers here and here, which adds up to 29 weeks of fun and learning — more than half a year of activities for kids!

During each week of summer, we focus on a different theme and use that theme to learn and have fun. We take day trips, have play dates and read lots of library books (with plenty of free, unstructured play as well as quiet time).

This year again, I wanted to have a game plan going into summer and have come up with a new Summer Camp at Home. Having this, well, dossier ahead of time is my weapon against boredom and a summer spent in front of a screen. It will help me manage our time as a family as well as help the kids, who will keep learning through the summer even though they will be having fun while doing it.

Want to join us?

For 10 weeks, we are going to develop fine motor skills, learn math and science basics, improve language skills and sharpen social and leadership skills through imaginative play. Or if you look at it from the kids’ angle, we are going to play and have so much fun! There will be at least one day trip every week, crafts, cooking healthy snacks and making music! We will play with friends. We will build memories.

Here is the plan.

Starting Friday, June 9, I will post the upcoming week’s flight plan. There will be ideas and links, and a list of suggested books or supplies.

The idea isn’t to be stuck doing every activity or reading every book. Each week’s plan will just be a good jumping-off point for more ideas, or fun, or learning. If we find an activity doesn’t seem to grab our attention or jibe with the family dynamic, we can scratch it from the list.

So this works if you’re a go-with-the-flow mom or an organize-to-the-detail mom.

I’ll also give you ideas to customize the activities to younger or older children.

Here are the 10 themes for this year’s Summer Camp at Home. Please click on each link for all the ideas.

1. June 11 — Wildlife Explorers
2. June 18 — Legends and Castles and Dragons, Oh My!
3. June 25 — Treasure Sailors
4. July 2 — America, the Beautiful
5. July 9 — The Earth
6. July 16 — Trains!
7. July 23 — Up in the Air
8. July 30 — Small World
9. August 6 — Ocean Wonders
10. August 13 — Building and Creating

If you are doing Summer Camp at Home too, feel free to add your ideas or tips in a comment.

  1. Sounds like a wonderful idea. I’ll definitely check back for activities for my little one. The older two are going to camp for a month, but little one will be home with me. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Great, Susi! I hope you will get some ideas from it throughout the summer. I figured as long as I was coming up with a plan for myself, I’d share it and maybe give other parents some things to do.


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