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Mom 2.0 Summit in Key Biscayne – learning from the best

Mom 2.0 Summit in Key Biscayne – learning from the best

The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne resort is spectacular inside and out and was a great setting for the conference

The Mom 2.0 Summit has been a popular conference to attend the past few years if you are a mom who blogs or is into social media, or if you are marketing to these moms. After holding events in Houston and New Orleans, Mom 2.0 came to Key Biscayne just off the coast from Miami, and I was super lucky to be given the chance to attend.

Laid out at the magnificent Ritz-Carlton, Mom 2.0 was definitely the conference to attend if you wanted to catch up with blog friends, meet blog superstars, and talk with brands and media outlets. The parties! The sessions! The speakers! The view! Everything was incredible.

The Speakers

Each day of the summit started with inspirational women, followed by a choice of panels led by well-known bloggers and successful businesswomen: Liz Lange, Karen Walrond, Kristen Chase, Ciaran Blumenfeld-Maso…. I can’t name all the brilliant women.

Every morning there were excellent panel sessions that made it hard to choose which to attend. Here Nicole Feliciano from Mom Trends, Jessica Shyba from Momma's Gone City, Gabrielle Blair the Design Mom and Karen Walrond aka Chookooloonks discuss next steps and new directions.

Lunch was sponsored by Aldi and Sargento Cheese, and afterward Brene Brown spoke words of wisdom — and hilarity. She said, “Don’t silence the gremlin of shame. Say, ‘Thanks, but I got this. I hear you, but I am forging ahead anyway.'” It takes courage to fail, and after you fail, you feel freer. You can’t avoid the story of who you are.

Brene Brown spoke about shame and the courage to fail

And then she signed her book The Gifts of Imperfection for me. (Boy, do I need to read that book!)

Ideas and advice came faster than they could be tweeted during an afternoon session when 11 experts gave pithy talks that made attendees think we just might be able to change the world — with compassion, or work, or humor, or even play.

Heather Spohr read from her work about grief.

Liz Gumbinner told us to bring back commenting.

Helen Jane Hearn showed us how to use online jealousy as a tool to get what we want.

Stacey Ferguson encouraged us to be “multi-passionate” and gave us permission to focus on more than one thing.

Meredith Sinclair told us how badly we need to just play.

So many thoughts.

The last session of the conference ended with Jenny Lawson, Catherine Connors, Sam Bee and Allana Harkin being themselves and talking about changing media platforms: newspaper to blog to book, TV to blog to whatever you really want to do. (And I keep hearing over and over how great vlogs and webisodes can be.)

Samantha Bee and Alana Harkin from The Daily Show, Catherine Connors from Babble and Her Bad Mother and Jenny Lawson The Bloggess talk about moving between different media forms during the closing panel (another iPhone photo, sorry!)

And I got to tell The Bloggess how happy I am for her and her book’s success when she signed my copy.

Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) spoke and signed copies of her New York Times bestseller, Let's Pretend This Never Happened (photo taken with my iPhone by Karen Walrond, aka Chookooloonks, who also signed for me her book The Beauty of Different)

The Brands

The companies that sponsored Mom 2.0 provided lots of fun.

Just check out this Hallmark suite.

The Hallmark suite offered attendees the chance to send cards for free

Cute, no? Hallmark let us mail cards to anyone or share cards with other attendees. And there was a card shower for three lucky, inspirational women.

Dove led an attempt to break the world record for the most tweets in an hour (currently held by Justin Bieber fans) with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres to raise money for Girls Inc. We tweeted furiously but failed to break the record. Dove donated $15,000 anyway. Dove also took pictures of attendees in its suite and posted the photos on a Times Square billboard.

I'm famous!

Nature’s Path had a fun booth with a Polynesian theme to introduce the new Love Crunch cereal that’s mixed with coconut. I was happy to meet the Nature’s Path folks because they make my kids’ favorite gluten-free snack bars (EnviroKids) and they gave me a full-size box of gluten-free cereal to munch on so I wouldn’t starve from lack of gluten-free meal options.

Mom 2.0 Summit sponsors had fun displays, contests and giveaways. Here is the Nature's Path booth.

Daily Buzz Moms had a fun Instagram scavenger hunt.

Pom and LaCroix Water handed out free beverages to everyone. There was always something cold, delicious and healthy to drink.


Intel sponsored a fabulous party in the most glamorous, hard-to-get-in spot in South Florida: the Versace mansion.

Intel sponsored the closing party at Casa Casuarina (better known as the late Gianni Versace's private home in South Beach), a place few people get to explore

Attendees know how to get down!

The Versace Mansion party, as it came to be called, was a great chance to relax with friends and meet new contacts

Intel also gave away an Ultrabook.

Mom 2.0 was a fantastic event on which the founders obviously worked very hard, and now my task is to figure out what to do next with everything I’ve experienced from it.

Next year, the summit will be in Laguna Niguel, Calif. I wonder if any Florida bloggers will be going….

People came from all across the United States and Canada to attend Mom 2.0, and there were plenty of Florida-based bloggers and marketers too, like Caroline from Smarty Pants Mama, Lindsey from Mrs. Potts Thoughts, Nicole from By Word of Mouth Musings and myself.


(You can see even more photos I took at Mom 2.0 on Instagram.)

  1. Sounds like a blast. I wish I could have been there. I am dying to meet Jenny Lawson in person.

  2. What a fabulous recap – they should totally fly you out to do the next one in Laguna Beach … and also, we look quite fab don’t we!

    • Yes! Nicole, you are one classy woman in everything you wear (and no matter which way you style your hair). Thank you for your kind words!

  3. So much fun conferencing with you, as usual! I’m so glad we met, way back when. You are such a delight. I always feel happier and more knowledgeable after being around you!

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