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Look & Learn: Animals and other wildlife apps for kids

Look & Learn: Animals and other wildlife apps for kids

Maybe you have a kid who loves animals. Or maybe you can’t get to the zoo as often as you’d like, or you can’t spend hours watching Animal Planet. Wildlife apps for mobile devices are a fun way for kids to learn about wildlife in an interactive way.

National Geographic Little Kids has a new wildlife app for preschoolers, Look & Learn: Animals Vol. 1 (an extension of its book series). Created just for young children, this wildlife app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch has three fun games and also a slideshow of high-quality photos.

Animal Bounce is a game even very young children can enjoy as they select farm, forest or grassland, then touch and tilt the mobile device to make animals roll across the screen and make their respective sounds. In Animal Match, kids pair up silhouettes of animals and match their shapes correctly to reveal a full picture of each animal. Animal Words asks kids which of three animals pictured starts with the letter on the screen, so players use early language skills and letter recognition while viewing beautiful wildlife images.

I like that kids can choose the easy or hard level for Animal Match and Animal Words. When kids master the easy level, they can challenge themselves with the hard one. (And this stretches out the usefulness of the app.)

You can also tap on Animal Cards to scroll through amazing photos of wildlife and hear facts about each one. (My boys love the dolphin and penguin.)

Look & Learn: Animals Vol. 1 is available in iTunes for $2.99.

Other fun, educational wildlife apps for kids are What Did Snakey Eat? by the National Wildlife Federation, Mini Adventures — Animals by Alligator Apps and ABC Wildlife by Peapod Labs.

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I received the National Geographic app for free for review. Opinions expressed are my own.

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