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Chat with me Wednesday about the upcoming Otter 501 film

Chat with me Wednesday about the upcoming Otter 501 film

Come chat with me and the filmmakers of Otter 501

Please join me tomorrow, Wednesday, May 2, at 1 pm EST to chat with the filmmakers of Otter 501. It’s the upcoming documentary about an orphaned sea otter found in California.

Although California is on the opposite coast from Florida, there are otters here too. And really — we all share the same planet and concern for wildlife.

So please log on for a chat on The Motherhood, called Let’s Go Behind the Scenes with Otter 501 Filmmakers. We’ll be talking about how the film was made, where the idea for the story came from, the important message it delivers about protecting otters and our oceans, and ways you can get your kids interested in science and conservation. In addition to the trailer above, you can get more information about the film in an interview with the film’s star, Katie Pofahl, and executive producer Mark Shelley in TIME for Kids. The chat is only 30 minutes.

If you can’t join but want to ask a question, log in to your account at The Motherhood (or create a free account) and post your question now.

Other bloggers who will be part of the chat are:

Anne, Upstate Ramblings
Aracely, Daytripping Mom
Katie, OC Mom Activities
Tammy, Tammy’s Two Cents

Otter 501 will be showing in Florida at the Cosford Cinema at the University of Miami in Coral Gables on June 8-June 14. For other locations, please check the Otter 501 Facebook page.

  1. Thanks for sharing, Holly! Mark and I are so excited to chat with you all on the Motherhood tomorrow. Check out our facebook page and YouTube channel to get more info on the film, watch our trailer, and see some SUPER adorable sea otter videos :)


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