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SeaWorld’s Antarctica attraction shaping up on World Penguin Day

SeaWorld’s Antarctica attraction shaping up on World Penguin Day

SeaWorld is reimagining its penguin exhibit into a new attraction, Antarctica

Today, April 25, is World Penguin Day. I know this because my sons are crazy for penguins! The last time we visited SeaWorld, the boys were sad that the penguin exhibit was closed. It’s their favorite thing about SeaWorld.

But SeaWorld is renovating that part of the park to create a new attraction, Antarctica. It’s going to feature a ride, and I know my little guys will be thrilled when it opens, hopefully early next year. The Empire of the Penguin ride uses new technology that means a different experience for the rider from visit to visit. A gentoo penguin will lead guests on the adventure close to the colony of penguins, making it the coolest theme park attraction in the world — literally! — at around 30 degrees. (That’s going to feel really good on a hot Florida day!) The Antarctica attraction will also feature a new restaurant.

Even though we live in southern Florida where it’s hot and humid most of the year, because my kids love penguins, we often think about the places penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere. Whether in and around the Galapagos Islands, South Africa, New Zealand, southern Chile and yes, Antarctica, we realize penguins are special birds that face unique challenges. With our world getting even slightly warmer, that means less ice, which means less krill for the penguins to eat — which leads to penguins chicks dying from time to time. Penguins are also affected by oil spills. It’s a good reminder to my kids to turn off the lights in a room when they leave it — using less electricity means fewer emissions at the power plant that adds to pollution and global-warming problems. Turning off lights is something simple that even preschoolers can do.

Yes, my sons are excited about going back to SeaWorld, where another new attraction is opening on Friday: TurtleTrek. We also love turtles and can’t wait to visit!

(Although I’m sure they will take their penguins with them throughout the park like they did on our last visit:

My sons took their penguins all around SeaWorld

SeaWorld now offers vacation deals that include hotel and dining plan packages and visits to all their parks (including Aquatica and Discovery Cove) and other area theme parks like Universal and Islands of Adventure. If you’re making summer vacation plans, definitely look into the deals and options SeaWorld is offering. You might come home with a new penguin pal like we did!

  1. SOunds like fun. Never been. Maybe next year. I want Elijah to be old enough to actually remember it.

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