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Project: Make paper-wrapped Easter eggs

Project: Make paper-wrapped Easter eggs

Make Easter eggs out of cardboard shapes, paper and glue

If you celebrate Easter and wait until the last minute to do projects just like I do, I’d love to know you! And I want to share a project I did with my boys, making paper-covered Easter eggs.

My older son is allergic to eggs and doesn’t tolerate artificial food dyes, so dyeing eggs is out. When I saw Sew Mama Sew’s fabric-covered eggs on Pinterest, though, I thought AHA! Instead of using fabric, my two-year-old and I picked out some scrapbooking papers at the craft store, where we also picked up the plain cardboard eggs.

Using a paper cutter, I sliced the paper into strips about an inch and a half wide, then cut them in half crosswise and set out all the goodies for my guys.

Spread glue or ModPodge on the back of a paper strip.

Use glue or ModPodge to stick your paper strips onto the cardboard eggs

Then wrap the egg.

Wrap strips of paper around cardboard eggs to create unique Easter eggs

My kids liked making the eggs, but my preschooler spent most of his time at the sink washing his hands because he doesn’t like sticky stuff on his fingers. Ah well. He tried.

Covering eggs is a project even little kids can get into

I found that three or four strips of matching or coordinating paper covered each egg. I also discovered by accident that if you spread ModPodge on your hands and then squished the paper onto the egg, rolling it around a bit, miracles begin to happen. Or at least the paper starts to lay flat against the egg.

Be prepared for some mess.

Glue and ModPodge can be messy!

(But really, dyeing eggs is messy too.)

Set out some waxed paper so the finished eggs can dry in a spot that won’t glue it there. Two sheets of waxed paper is even better, so you can transfer the messy just-done eggs to a completely-done area.

Dry the eggs on waxed paper for several hours

Let the eggs dry for several hours, if not overnight, before you use them.

Your eggs can match your decor, a party, your mood or your interests

Have a blessed Good Friday and a happy Easter!

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