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Big beach bags

Big beach bags

My family doesn’t live too far from the beach, but when we go, it’s still an event. Taking two little boys to the beach means carrying towels, sunscreen, a change of clothes, swim diapers, wipes, dry powder (to get the sand off skin more easily), sunglasses, keys, phone, money, sand toys … and if I can manage it, our beach umbrella. So having a big beach bag to carry everything is a must.

Simply Bags has a stylish nautical-styled Big Beach Bag that manages to hold everything and look great. I love that the woven bag is fully lined (because you know wet, sandy things are going to end up in there) and it has a zipper top (it’s easy for things to fall out of your bag when you have to bend down to take hold of a little hand). The bottom of the beach bag folds to expand when you use it, or flatten when you want to store it.

The rope handles are actually really soft, and the bag material is durable.

Simply Bags' Big Beach Bag is big -- and made with quality

I found I could fit our thick, long beach towels along with our small items in the bag — but if the guys want to take their large beach buckets and the like, they will have to go in another bag or just be carried by hand to the shore!

The Big Beach Bag comes in navy or brown, can be embroidered with whatever personalization you like and retails at $23.99.


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Simply Bags provided me with a sample Big Beach Bag to review. Thoughts and opinions are my own.


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