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Project: How to Reshape a Boxy T-shirt

Project: How to Reshape a Boxy T-shirt

Refashion a regular T-shirt for a better fit

Ah, T-shirts. I don’t know about you, but my family practically lives in them. Boxy tees aren’t so great for women, though, if you ask me. We aren’t shapeless — why should our T-shirts be? Fortunately, it’s easy and fun to change up a tee and restyle it into a new look.

See this shirt?

Boxy tees aren't a good fit!

Cute, right? Perfect for that little holiday we had last week where you have to wear green? (Heh.) I bought it last year despite the fact it’s all squarish, but I never got around to restyling it.

For starters, I had to change the neckline because my neck is short — and high-necked tops make me look like I don’t have a neck at all!

I folded the shirt in half.

There's more than one way to refashion a T-shirt. One way is to fold it in half before you cut to get symmetry.

Then I measured how much I wanted to cut away.

I wanted to open up the neck area of my tee

This cut gives me a wide-open neck.

It's easy to change the neckline of a T-shirt

Then, I had to get rid of the square, boxy shape. I decided to trim an inch off each side. So I measured.

Measure how much you want to cut off

And I cut.

Trim your tee for a better fit

You might just cut a slight crescent-ish shape for the waist if you like. I cut all the way from the underside of the sleeve down the side to the hem at the bottom of the shirt.

And this is what you have now.

Now you have a serape!

Now turn your T-shirt inside out — in sewing language, put your right sides together.

Turn your tee inside-out to sew seams or finish edges

To finish a raw edge, fold the edge to the under side of the fabric just a bit (a quarter-inch or so), then fold again, and sew.

Finish the neckline edge for a smooth look

Sew the sides — where you cut the fabric away — to create a new seam.

Sew up the sides of the shirt for a new seam

Then turn your T-shirt right side out. You have a refashioned tee!

A resized, reshaped tee

For more ways to slice up, restyle or upcycle a T-shirt, check out Generation T.

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    Love it, I am not a seamstress but I could do that.

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