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Free valentine printables set!

Free valentine printables set!

Design your own mini box valentines with the template, or simply print and cut the ready-made ones from the free printables kit

You gotta love a holiday when pairing red and pink together is perfectly acceptable and you’re over age 12. When lace doilies are cute for serving treats and not dust collectors sitting on your great-aunt’s end table. When CHOCOLATE is a common gift.

Oh yes, especially the chocolate.

The most fun for kids on Valentine’s Day, of course, is trading valentines with their friends and classmates, and I want to share some free valentine printables with you!

First, I made a valentine wrapper or sleeve for a box of mini raisins. I’ve noticed the trend in kids giving one another valentines with goodies attached. With all my preschooler’s food allergies and intolerances, it didn’t seem fair for him to hand out candy that he can’t eat. But the all-natural candy and fruit snacks were a bit expensive for giving to 40 friends. (Plus, my two-year-old is going to give some valentines to friends too.) I found the mini boxes of raisins to be just the right thing. These are the boxes that are just under two inches tall.

You can personalize the valentines you make yourself with a photo of the sender

If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a healthy treat, check out the digital template as a Photoshop file (at a file-sharing site) so you can design the mini box sleeve yourself, or the ready-made printable Valentine mini box sleeves.

Print, cut, wrap around and glue for an easy, fun valentine mini box treat

Do you like my stamp and mailbox design? If you do, check out the rest of the printables here! There are mini Valentine’s Day cards, cupcake toppers (just glue each circle onto a toothpick) and cupcake wrappers with the same look. These other printables come from templates by Kind Over Matter.

Valentine cupcake toppers

Valentine cupcake wrappers

Mini valentine cards


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