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Project: Make an astronaut costume

Project: Make an astronaut costume

My husband made his own astronaut costume for Halloween

It’s obviously too late to make this costume for Halloween this year, but I had to wait for the finishing touches on this astronaut costume to post about it. Because it’s so awesome that it has to be posted.

My husband, lately on a historic moon walk and Apollo 13 kick, decided to be an astronaut for Halloween. He even hauled home a giant library book on American astronauts to study their space suits. This is what he’s been working on the past two weeks.

First, he started with a used white jumpsuit from eBay. He decided to make himself a commander, so I helped him add red webbing around his arms and legs with glue. He stitched on some patches.

Sew on American flag and NASA patches

Yes, he did it himself.

Then he wanted to add some hose nozzles to the front of the jumpsuit, so he made some things that look like gears by making a mold out of our son’s toy, using PlayDoh (another of our kids’ things).

Surround a toy gear with PlayDoh to make a mold for more gears

Some paint and a sprinkler coupler fit into the middle of the gear later made it look more authentic.

It's an astronaut gear!

He attached the gears to the jumpsuit with Velcro.

Making a space helmet was a challenge. My husband turned to eBay again and bought an acrylic lamp globe.

The astronaut helmet is a lamp globe

He cut off the end of the globe and attached a painted embroidery hoop for the neck.

A large embroidery hoop painted silver makes the helmet neck ring

Then he taped one side of the globe and painted the back.

The helmet has to be painted, to protect your melon from the harmful space rays

He wasn’t able to wear the helmet for more than a minute at a time because, you know, there’s no real air pumping into it. He could have cut a hole in the front of the helmet, but that wouldn’t have been authentic enough, I guess.

Ski boots and ski gloves rounded out the astronaut costume.

Everyone we know thought it was awesome! If only he’d entered a costume contest … he might have won for Best DIY!

No telling what he will come up with for next year….

  1. Pretty cool costume!

  2. VERY creative and cute!

  3. Very Cool, Good job Tropic Hubs!

  4. OMG Holly, that is such an amazing costume. Kudos to both of you for a fantastic job!

  5. Do you know what size lamp globe you used/what size embroidery hoop? I am looking for these things online and I was not sure. Thanks for your help. Looks amazing!

  6. Thank you! It’s now been more than two years since my husband made this costume, but he is guessing the lamp globe was 16-18 inches. The embroidery hoop you can estimate the size for by sizing it up to a hat that fits you, or going to a craft store and finding one that easily goes over your head. Then you will fit the hoop to the base of the lamp globe. Hope that helps!

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