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Project: An easy way to feed the birds

Project: An easy way to feed the birds

Make an inside-out peanut butter sandwich for the birds

Since my husband and I moved into our home years before our boys came along, we’ve had at least one bird feeder. We started seeing so many birds in our yard that I ended up keeping a field guide (bird identification book) and a pair of binoculars on top of the microwave in our kitchen so we could look out the back window on the sly — without disturbing the birds.

You might call my husband and me a couple of bird brains.

{Less emphasis on the brains.}

Anyway, we now have six bird feeders in our yard, and our sons love to fill them with seed.

Where we live in southern Florida, we get some birds that migrate here for the winter. I’m strangely a little honored that these birds pick our little ol’ backyard to winter in after flying thousands of miles. Some birds just pass through — like the rose-breasted grosbeaks we saw one year on their way to South America. But others stay, like blue-gray gnatcatchers and American goldfinches.

When I saw the first goldfinch yesterday, I took the boys to get some fresh thistle/nyjer seed for the little birds. We filled a tube feeder with the skinny black seeds and hung it in one of our cypress trees. The boys filled the other feeders with sunflower seeds.

They made some birds (and squirrels) very happy.

We also have a suet feeder, which holds a chunk or cake of seed. But the store we went to didn’t have suet.

So I used a trick I’ve done in the past when I was out of suet: I made an inside-out peanut butter sandwich.

It’s best if you start with the kind of bread that has visible grains or seeds. And chunky peanut butter is better than plain. Spread the peanut butter across the bread. If you butter both sides of one piece of bread, that will help the two slices stick together inside the feeder.

Then just place the sandwich in the feeder and hang it up. I have seen birds eat it — it works!

Hanging a bird feeder will attract birds to your yard that your family will love to watch

Setting up backyard bird feeders is a great nature activity for kids and a good motivator to get them outside for a Green Hour. Find more nature activities for kids here.

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