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Miami Children’s Museum is a South Florida kiddie hot spot

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Miami Children’s Museum is a South Florida kiddie hot spot

The Miami Children's Museum has been at its current location on Watson Island on Biscayne Bay since 1993

My five-year-old hooks cargo onto a crane. He’s chosen not to wear the safety vest or hard hat. His little brother, though — who is two years old — is solemnly wearing both as he stands at the helm of the lever that moves the crane back and forth. I have to reach over to guide his little hand to move the cargo onto the ship.

At Miami Children's Museum, kids can pretend to work at the Port of Miami, loading and unloading cargo on ships

Earlier, my sons went fishing in Biscayne Bay, helped build a house and drove a fire truck to help save a burning building.

The fire truck is so popular that kids might have to wait to take their turn

The fishing is great at Miami Children's Museum

It’s all in a day’s work, learning while playing at Miami Children’s Museum.

Both my sons wanted to ride the Miami Police motorcycle

My family first visited the museum in 2008 when my oldest boy turned two. He was a bit young, but he had a great time with the exhibits, which are all hands-on and all fun. It was a great way to celebrate his birthday.

Is that a tunnel? Or are you under the sea?

At Miami Children’s Museum, kids can engage in role play, create art, make music and learn science concepts while playing. It’s also a “kid place” that adults can enjoy too, which you can’t say about every child-friendly attraction. The museum has a slew of classes and events for kids, including the Not So Scary Family Halloween Bash on Sunday, Oct. 23.

The work of play is serious business

I also love that Miami Children’s Museum (aka MiChiMu) has beautiful and engaging art everywhere, like this huge painting.

Just one of the pieces of art on display at Miami Children's Museum

There are activities, exhibits and play areas for all ages. My kids are too little for the rock wall, but I know someday they’ll be ready to tackle it.

At the museum, parents can drive -- er, encourage -- their kids up the wall

We don’t visit very often because it’s a bit of a drive for us, so we make a MiChiMu outing a special treat. Fortunately, admission is free from 3 pm to 9 pm every third Friday of the month as part of the Target Free Third Fridays program. Regular admission is $15, $12 for Florida residents, and free for members, children under 1 year old and residents of select Miami-Dade counties. Pay for parking at self-pay stations. The museum is open daily 10 am to 6 pm but closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. You can find MiChiMu located on MacArthur Causeway between downtown Miami and Miami Beach.

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