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Make an easy fall wreath

Make an easy fall wreath

A fall wreath welcomes autumn to your home

Southern Florida, where I live, doesn’t get autumn. Oh, you can tell when the air gets slightly cooler (say, 80 degrees) and less humid, but leaves don’t change color here. I have several maples in my backyard, and the leaves do fall off — but they don’t turn color.

So, I have to make do with autumn decorations.

One of the easiest to make is a wreath. I made this wreath with just three things from the craft store:

1. A standard grapevine wreath
2. A garland of leaves in fall colors
3. Fall-themed picks from the silk floral section of the craft store

Just wind the leaf garland around the grapevine wreath. You can secure it with florist wire if you like, but I found that the garland tucked into the vines just fine. Then, add your picks (or cut the ends off a fall arrangement to make a pick) here and there on the wreath. (Hmm, now that I look at my picture again, it looks as though my kids were messing with it and took some picks out!) Easy peasy!

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