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Make a mini gift bag

Make a mini gift bag

Make a little gift bag for fall or any occasion

I love gift bags for giving gifts. When you want something really special or you want to match your bag to a theme, you can make your own gift bags. I don’t do this very often! But I love the results, like the fall bag I made up there….

…or this one with a Mouse Ears theme. Just because we booked our traditional end-of-year trip to Disney World. Squee! Ahem.

Your bag will take on a different look with different papers and embellishments

So I’m a Starbucks Via instant coffee fan, and the little bag/box that the instant coffee packets come in caught my eye. I wondered what it would be like to make a Via-type bag. So I did.

I wanted to share the pattern for making the mini bags. One pattern you can download is for you digital types:

Use the Photoshop file as a template, then add your own digital paper (Ctrl G)

And the other pattern is for tracing on cardstock or scrapbooking paper.

Either way, once you get your mini bag the way you want it, you’ll have to cut it out:

Cut out the bag

Then you fold it.

Fold the bag's sides, top and bottom

The flaps on the bottom you can either interlock like I have here, or just glue one over the other. I tried it both ways.

The bottom of the bag has locking flaps

Then you glue the bag.

Glue the sides together, then the bottom flaps

Once the glue has dried, you can decorate the bag with embellishments like glitter glue, stickers, ribbons, flowers, crystals, tags, charms — you name it! Totally customizable.

Download the mini bag patterns below and have fun! If you make something with either pattern, feel free to upload a picture of your creation to my Facebook page.

Click here to download the PDF mini bag to cut out on paper.

Click here to download the PSD file to fill with your own digital paper.

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