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Small World picture book captures best of the ride

Small World picture book captures best of the ride

It's a Small World is now a fun picture book for kids

This summer when I was looking for ideas for the World Traveler week of Summer Camp at Home, I came across this adorable picture book of It’s a Small World. I decided to pre-order the book because it looked so cute, and also because my boys love the Small World ride at Disney World. The book finally came in recently, and I had to post about it.

It’s a Small World features the words to the familiar song (including a second verse I didn’t know about!), while the vivid pictures depict children in imaginative scenes around the globe. Each book comes with a CD of the song for kids to listen to (if you can manage hearing it over and over). I know lots of grown people think the song and ride are annoying, but plenty of kids love It’s a Small World — and that’s what counts. This would be a great gift book for anyone who enjoys this multicultural attraction.

I read/sang the book to my two-year-old a few times and then decided to record it. Here’s a look inside the book.



Hope you don’t mind my singing!

If you like this, you might also want to pre-order the Small World Sticker and Activity Book, which comes out Dec. 6. I placed my order for a Christmas present.

Do you or your kids like It’s a Small World?

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This review is not affiliated with Disney or the book publisher. It is, however, affiliated with bad singers everywhere.

  1. Lisa Gonzales says:

    Your singing is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! Makes me want to go to Disney…

  2. Not bad singing at all. Cute book. =) We love that ride too. NEXT time we go Im going to bust out with the 2nd verse ; )

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