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“Like” Elmer’s to donate school supplies and WIN!

“Like” Elmer’s to donate school supplies and WIN!

Help Kids in Need with donated school supplies by simply liking the Elmer's Facebook page

Every year in my town, I hear that lots of local school kids need school supplies because they can’t afford them. There are several schools in our area where the majority of kids are from families that make less money than the poverty line cutoff. Even worse, many children are homeless. This year, I’ve purchased a new backpack and school uniform to donate, and I’m also going to donate the supplies you see here, sent to me from Elmer’s.

Elmer’s wants to help children in need get school supplies this back-to-school season through the Kids In Need Foundation, a national non-profit that gives free school supplies to kids and teachers who otherwise wouldn’t have them.

Please go like Elmer’s on Facebook — for every “like” by Sept. 1, Elmer’s will donate one of its products to the Kids In Need Foundation (up to 200,000 free products). You can donate more by clicking on the Elmer’s Kids In Need tab to watch the video there. Teachers from disadvantaged schools can go to special foundation “stores” to pick up supplies they need. Teachers in my area will be able to visit a store like that in Ft. Lauderdale. Spread the word on your Facebook page to get more “likes” and get more free school supplies to the kids and teachers who need them. What an easy way to help!

Elmer’s has also offered to let me give away three back-to-school prize packs! You could win these Elmer’s products:

· X-TREME School Glue Stick

· Small foam tri-fold

· Project Popperz

· Mini bi-fold foam

· Disappearing purple glue sticks

· Gel school glue sticks

· School glue

· School glue dual tip pen

Please let me know you liked the Elmer’s page and watched the video, then leave a comment about yours or your kid’s favorite Elmer’s school supplies! I’ll pick a winner next week.

  1. I liked the Elmer’s page and watched the video.
    My kids favorite Elver’s school supplies are the bright Painters Markers.

  2. I liked the Elmer’s page and watched the video. I’m a preschool teacher in a very rural town of Nevada. My kids love ALL the Elmers products and are so grateful to have the opportunity to create and dream with them. Thanks for such a reliable and affordable product line!

  3. I liked the Elmer’s page. My kids just LOVE glue sticks.

  4. I like Elmers on facebook (Cindy Brooks) and have watched the video. My grandson loves the purple Elmers school glue sticks!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  5. Brittney Minor says:

    Like Elmers on FB and watched video!
    Brittney Minor
    My kids love elmer glue sticks! They love doing crafts!

  6. Veronica L says:

    I like Elmer’s on Facebook (Veronica L) and I watched the video. All three of my boys LOVE their glue sticks because it is so much easier to use and less messy on their hands. Thanks :)

  7. I like Elmers and watched the video!!!

    Sarah Mansfield Coulsey

    sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

  8. My older son loves to play with the glue sticks. He goes crazy glueing everything!!!

    sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

  9. Velvet hubler says:

    I liked the Elmer’s page and watched the video and my kids favorite elmer’s product is glue sticks

  10. Thanks for sharing about this and what Elmer’s is doing. :) I liked them on FB and watched the video.

  11. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    Liked Elmer’s on FB, video done, and I have to go with glues- my kids are glue fanatics- whether its colored, glitter, stick, or regular. They love making crafty stuff!

  12. Mickey Coutts says:

    I like Elmers (Mickey Coutts) and watched the video. My favorite item is their glue (white and the newer gel).

  13. Sherry S. says:

    I liked Elmer’s on Facebook and watched the trailer. They love the glue sticks and use them for everything.

    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  14. Shannon Gallagher says:

    I’m already a fan of Elmer’s on FB and I watched the video!
    jalyssa98203 at yahoo dot com

  15. Dominique says:

    I liked Elmer’s on FB: Nikki Marie & watched the video. And I like and use the Elmer’s Carpenter’s Interior Wood Glue.

    couponcookie at gmail dot com

  16. I liked Elmers on FB and watched video.
    I love elmer glue sticks!

  17. Beth Willis says:

    Liked the Elmer’s Facebook page and watched the Kid’s in Need Foundation video there.

    My girls and I love the basic Elmer’s glue sticks- we use them for everything!


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