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Cutest personalized growth charts for kids!

Cutest personalized growth charts for kids!

Our new personalized growth charts are cute and practical

My boys are two and four (almost five), and I just got around to putting up growth charts for them in their rooms. I’d always wanted a growth chart for each of them — pencil marks inside the closet just wasn’t going to do it for me — but I didn’t find any I liked that weren’t really expensive.

Then a few weeks ago, I noticed Zulily featured a deal on growth charts by Farmhousefive Art for Kids. By the time I got there, they were all gone. Sob! So I went to the Farmhousefive Art for Kids site. There were lots more growth charts. And even though the low Zulily price wasn’t in effect, they were on sale! (The regular price is $44.99.)

I like the Farmhousefive growth charts because they are made out of a heavy material with a glossy finish. There are several designs to choose from. You can have your child’s name printed on the growth chart too. Each growth chart comes with four FabricTacs for hanging. If you ever have to move, you can take down the growth chart, roll it up and place it on the wall in your new home. Brilliant!

The train design is for my preschooler, and I got the outdoorsy version for my toddler

Do you use a growth chart in your kids’ rooms?

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