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Check out Grub Hub in South Florida and get $10 off dinner

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Check out Grub Hub in South Florida and get $10 off dinner

Grub Hub is an app that lets you find takeout and delivery options nearby -- now in South Florida!

Last night, my family got takeout using Grub Hub, an easy way to find takeout and delivery restaurants. See this fettuccine alfredo? Yumness from Grande Pizza, one of the restaurants linked with Grub Hub — now in South Florida. Grub Hub has been available in other cities, and now some Miami-area restaurants are getting on board. If you visit the Miami Grub Hub, you automatically get $10 off your first order.

It’s easy to find a restaurant at the Grub Hub site or on the Grub Hub app. For my family’s dinner, I put in our home address and saw several restaurants nearby that offer the easy-to-order Grub Hub service.

Click on "map view" to easily see which restaurants are close to you

You can see what’s on each restaurant’s menu and order right from Grub Hub. We picked up our meal in about a half-hour.

Try out Grub Hub in South Florida and get $10 off your first order -- enough to buy a couple desserts!

Some takeout and delivery places have their own sites or apps where you can call in or text in an order, but the nice thing about Grub Hub is I found a restaurant I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. I also like that I can take my app with me to other Grub Hub cities to find good places to eat — like when my family goes on vacation. The only downside I noticed was the Grub Hub map placed the restaurant about a half-mile away from where it actually is. I finally found it using FourSquare.

The South Florida Grub Hub is still developing, and more restaurants are being added. Overall, I think it makes the convenience of ordering in even more convenient.

Do you like to get takeout/delivery?

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Grub Hub offered me a gift card code to try out the service for free. Opinions, messy pasta chin, tiramisu thighs and silliness are my own.

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