I’m sure that any home or place needs good air system as this is one of the biggest most important thing to stay healthy. This is due to the fact that we all need clean and refreshing air to not get sick or illnesses that can be caused by humidity.

When a home is built it needs to make sure for the right ventilation so the architects should really care about this point. Depending on where you live, you can find different cooling appliances. For example in a tropical environment the ventilation should start from the roof and this latter should not completely covered so you can have some fresh air come in the place.

In this manner traditional air circulator or any other cooling fans for rooms can really contribute to remove both the heat and also the climbing energy bill when using an air conditioner instead. By using in air circulator inside your home the air can be moved and refreshed creating a “wind-chill” effect, which let you feel the cooling sensation.

In the other hand, ACs units are not a very energy efficient cooling appliances. Even the most developed units use more power than other cooling appliances in most houses. Generally, has been proved that air conditioners use almost 20% of the kilowatt-hours produced in the United States alone. Meaning, AC units alone in the US are the reason for the consumption of more than 207,0692,000 tons of coal, 23,074,000 barrels of oil, and over 137,924,800,000 cubic feet of natural gas. These huge figures mean an increased energy bill and money out of your pocket.

Here are some tips you should consider before going out and buy your tropical ceiling fan:

Will the fan be indoors or outdoors?

Outdoor cooling fans are pretty hard to find one that is high quality, but there are some on the market. These sorts of fans are equipped with the elevated temperatures, low temperatures, dirt, humidity and dryness of outdoor conditions in your country or city. That’s the reason why an indoor cooling fan for room should not be installed in outdoor conditions. Make sure to purchase the right fan for the proper conditions. Some fan manufacturers have life time warranties on both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans.

Fans with Lighting

The great majority home cooling fans available today will have a lighting option available. Generally, a lot of cooling fans manufactures start to encourage homeowners to buy fans with lighting kits because they are better than the standard ones. For you the customer, if your home needs and cooling then these fans would be great option, in addition to the cooling appliance, you can decide to shop for fan and lighting kits separately or as one whole package. Just remember that If you purchase them separately, its best to match companies so you know that they will both fit each other.

Ceiling Fan Style

You know what your personality is. Ceiling fan styles usually are grouped in to tropical, Standard, Modern, Futuristic and Abstract. Probably the most tropical design available now on the current market may be the Hunter 1886 fashions. A great deal of ceiling fan designs will resemble the very first fans to come out of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, and appearance Hippie or Standard depending on which the ceiling fan will be already installed. Five blade fans are Modern, and also three-blade fans are more on the Futuristic side.

Our Best Tropical Ceiling Fan: Hunter 20803 52”

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The specific ceiling fan that I’m referring to right here is the Hunter 20803 Low Profile III 52-Inch 5-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan, which, as it is produced by Hunter you would expect it to be a high-quality product even before seeing it in operation.


  • Easy to install
  • Operates almost silently – the powerful Whisper Wind motor runs quietly
  • A good looking low-profile design with 52-Inch white ceiling fan with 5 white blades
  • Helps reduce home energy costs
  • Only 0.56 amps on high speed
  • Measures 52 by 52 by 6-1/2-Inch when mounted flush with ceiling
  • Hunter offers a lifetime warranty

Very Quiet and It Blends In

It’s quiet. The Hunter 20803 has to be one of the quietest ceiling fans ever produced and you would forget it was there if you didn’t see it. It doesn’t stand out to the eye either. It blends in with the ceiling; the white color will merge with a white ceiling so that it looks like it belongs. The low profile is also perfect for any ceilings that are around the 8 ft. mark.

While some people may think that Hunter fans cost more than some competing brands, this is a good case of getting what you pay for. You get a fan that is both elegant looking but sturdy.

Quiet But With High Performance and Easy to Install

The Hunter 20803 Low Profile III Indoor Ceiling Fan moves the air well on three speeds. It is driven by a high performance, WhisperWind motor. The fan is quick and easy to install, although some people like to get it professionally installed.

Many people are surprised when they hear that Hunter fans are the quietest, thinking that the different brands should be about the same. But it is true; this fan makes absolutely no noise. If you take time and install the fan properly and balance it, you will notice the lack of noise. At the highest setting you will only hear the sound of the blades moving through the air. On the low and mid settings you really will hear nothing.

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